Top 5 Reality shows with highest TV ratings in 48th Week


If there is something we cannot do without in our regular life is Television. Small screens have become a part and parcel of our busy lives, and Television channels are finding new ways to attract viewers. One among their many innovations are the television reality shows. Various channels produce different reality shows, and telecast them at the same time to gain huge Television ratings. We at will bring you the top 5 reality shows which the topped the ratings based on the (ABC 15+Female) rule 48th week (28th November to 4th December 2015).

5) Andamaina Jeevitham

Andamaina Jeevitham is a new show which features on Maa TV on every Monday and Tuesday. A unique panel of experts give sound advice on how to deal with issues faced in arranged and love marriages. Actress Jaya Sudha, Paruchuri Goplaala Krishna are the hosts of this show, which has stood in the fifth position. This reality show has earned ratings up to 4.44 from 48th week (28th November to 4th December 2015).

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