Atharintiki Dharedhi Audio Launch Live Updates


Updated at 09.58 PM

That brings us to the end of this function folks... We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the event... Thank You and Good Night...

Updated at 09.55 PM

Pawan Kalyan spoke in a very emotional tone.. "I have many personal issues... But just like you fans stand by me and support me, Trivikram is also very close to me and gives me a lot of moral support... And without Ali, there is no film for me...Ali naa Gunde.. " ... Pawan ended his speech by uttering a dialogue from the film and saying 'Jai Hind'...

Updated at 09.42 PM

Trivikram is speaking now " I first met Pawan Kalyan on the sets of Bangaram... I have seen some amazing acts of kindness from him.. I have seen multiple shades in him... For example, I went to his house on the day of PRP's defeat in elections. I was amazed to see him in a normal mood. When I asked him, he said "Fighting a war is our duty. Victory or defeat is not in our hands", he said. He has a great sense of humour. I would like to work with him again and again.. "

Updated at 09.33 PM

Samantha is speaking on stage.. "Pawan is an amazing human being. I had a great time working with him and I hope I can act with him again in future." , she said.

Updated at 09.28 PM

Nadhiya has unveiled the audio album and the first CD has been given to Brahmanandam

Updated at 09.20 PM

The audio album is about to be unveiled... Guests are being invited onto the stage for the event...

Updated at 09.15 PM

The trailer of Power Star Pawan Kalyan's 'Atharintiki Dharedhi' has been released... Pawan is Gautham Nanda... Samantha's name is Sashi.. trailer looks promising...

Updated at 09.09 PM

The last song from the film, 'Its Time to Party Now' , is being performed on stage...

Updated at 09.01 PM

A special AV about Pawan Kalyan is being shown and fans are going wild with delight

Updated at 08.45 PM

DSP is entertaining guests with his antics...

Updated at 08.35 PM

Crowds have gone ballistic with the arrival of Pawan Kalyan... a special AV about Devi Sri is being shown now..

Updated at 08.32 PM

Pawan Kalyan has just come in..looking terrific in a black blazer and jeans

Updated at 08.22 PM

The third song from AD, 'Kirraack' , is being performed on the stage...

Updated at 08.20 PM

A special AV about Trivikram Srinivas is being shown on screen...

Updated at 08.18 PM

Kota Srinivasa Rao garu has come into the venue

Updated at 08.14 PM

The second from the film, 'Aradugula Bullet', is being performed on stage... live performance by Vijay Prakash

Updated at 08.09 PM

A special AV about the making of Atharintiki Dharedhi is being shown

Updated at 08.06 PM

Director Trivikram Srinivas has also come in.

Updated at 07.59 PM

Brahmanandam has just come in... He is being greeted with huge whistles and cheers by fans

Updated at 07.55 PM

The first song from Atharintiki Dharedhi is out... Satya Master's dance troupe is performing on stage to the song 'Bapu gari Bomma'

Updated at 07.45 PM

Samantha is looking lovely,,, She has just come in... Hamsa Nandini has also entered the auditorium

Updated at 07.40 PM

Devi Sri Prasad has come into the venue

Updated at 07.29 PM

A special laser show is being performed for fans... Nice effects

Updated at 07.25 PM

Actress Nadhiya (Mirchi fame) has come in...

Updated at 07.22 PM

A special dance performance is being given by an artist from Kolkata

Updated at 07.18 PM

Ali is entertaining viewers with his comedy on stage

Updated at 07.08 PM

Satya Master's dance troupe is performing on stage to Pawan's hit numbers

Updated at 07.05 PM

We have been told that Venu Madhav and Ali will be hosting the event today...

Updated at 06.58 PM

Tight security arrangements have been made for the event.. Producer Neelima Thirumalasetty has made her way in

Updated at 06.48 PM

Guests are slowly making their way in... Songs are being played to entertain guests and fans

Updated at 06.45 PM

Hello folks.. We will be bringing you live updates from the audio function of Powerstar Pawan's 'Atharintiki Dharedhi'. The event is yet to start.. A special AV about Samantha has been played casually

Click here for 'Atharintiki Dharedhi' Live updates in Telugu version

Mahesh K.S
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